Workshops for Business

Success and first impression – your decision!
Colour and Style consulting focussed on your personality

Your dress style is your company’s business card. Invest in your success and gain more confidence in your own style.
You will know how important it is, to appear confident and self-assured and present an air of credibility especially when you and your team are in personal contact with customers or clients.
Let your team score with style, charisma and courage.

Please contact me for a tailor-made package according to the number of participants.


Chats about some trade secrets! 
An insight into my work as a costume designer for film and television. 

Dress code
Dress code: what lies behind it!
How do I find the balance between dress code and personal style?

Fashionable colours, favourite colours and unloved colours.
Colours and their effect on self and others.

Fashion – diversity, fascination and constant change.
How to find your personal style in the jungle of fashion?

If you are interested in these topics, I would love to support you. Please enquire about a tailor-made offer. I look forward to hearing from you.