Add colour to your life! Colours can have an irresistible impact!

We often underestimate the unique effect of colours. Allow yourself to be surprised. Colours are the gateway to your personality and are a key element in making yourself feel at home in your clothes.
Colours do not only have an effect on how you look, they go beyond the surface by having a subtle impact on the deeper layers of your being. They touch your soul, influence your mood and determine how you are perceived by others.

During the consultancy session you will experience how the colours that match your type enhance your personality and will give you energy to develop. I can show you how you can appear more vibrant and genuine and how you can look much younger than your age.

The colours you wear serve as a non-verbal means of communication between yourself and others.
With a close look at personality traits and a sensitivity for colour types and comprehensive knowledge of the psychology of colours, I will demonstrate how you will be able to use colours to enhance your personal or professional development.

Let yourself in for a surprise!