„Not only me, but also dressing the flat in my colours, how would that be? After an inspiring colour and style consultation with Nadine, now a consultation on the colour design of the walls and tips on furnishing my new flat!
I can confirm - the right wall colours and wallpaper make such an incredible difference! Ideas for sofa/chair covers and curtains were added. Which fabric suits me? We held some colour cards up to the wall, ordered colour sample pots, tried them out, ordered wallpaper, fabric and carpet samples. We went to the specialist shops together. It was great fun and helped me a lot to make sustainable, good decisions that I'm still happy with today.”
Karin H., Personal Assistent

„When we wanted to paint the white walls in our flat in colour, Ms Wittig came to my attention and it was a real stroke of luck. The consultation was uncomplicated and since Ms Wittig was equipped with exactly the right colour samples, the colours were already decided after one appointment. Now we can't imagine ever having lived with white walls.”
Sabine H., Foundation Manager

„Ms Wittig shows great sensibility and experience when it comes to interior design. She expertly discovers suitable colours and fabrics which will make a room colourful and lively. With few changes Ms Wittig has given my practice rooms as well as my home a new look which perfectly matches my personality.“
Bettina B., Doctor

„After looking for a new sofa, without success, I asked Ms Wittig for help. She spontaneously named two brands which I would never have come across by myself. She particularly pointed out one sofa which she thought would fit perfectly into my flat and would suit me. It just turned out to be the case! Many thanks for the clear, quick and expert consultation!“
Claudia M., Lawyer

„Ms Wittig helped me create space in my flat  with great sensitivity, expertise and creativity, she succeeded in making my flat lighter and less cramped. After a brief chat, Ms Wittig instantly knew which issues needed tackling. The consultancy session was very enjoyable and I liked Ms Wittig‘s no nonsense approach in realising some of her ideas on the spot. I can sincerely recommend this service to anyone who has the feeling something needs improvement in their living environment but doesn’t know where to start. Thank you so much, Ms Wittig!!!“
Tatjana L., Psychologist

„Ms Wittig advised us on the choice of wall colours and wallpaper for our house. The cooperation was personal and empathetic. Ms Wittig was attuned to our wishes, but also explained and represented her opinion in detail. We like the result exceptionally well and are very happy in our „new" walls. Thank you very much, dear Ms Wittig, for your wonderful support."
Astrid. S.

„Just talking on the phone, Ms Wittig strongly advised me against white walls in my flat. After a brief meeting in my apartment (which was partly painted in a dark yellow), Ms Wittig felt that I could do with more width and breadth. It would never have dawned on me to paint my walls in a light blue. But it is just perfect: wide, clear, open, calm – ideal for working and sleeping. Thank you so much for your inspiration.“
Katharina L., Editor