I am Nadine Wittig, I was born in Munich and I live and work in the beautiful Glockenbach district and at Lake Tegernsee.
Ever since my teenage years I have nurtured a passionate interest in creativity, aesthetics and psychology and they have influenced my personal and professional development ever since.

Film and TV
After A-Levels I trained as a dressmaker and spent some time abroad. In 1988 I started  as a trainee in the costume department on the set of the famous TV series „Die zweite Heimat“ by Edgar Reitz.
Since 1994, after several years of working as an assistant to the costume designer on different projects, I have worked as a freelance costume designer for film and television productions.
Filmography at www.crew-united.com and wikipedia.

Colour and Style 
Over the years, the desire to bring my knowledge of human nature and my experience gained working in the realm of movies and television has developed to support real people in their personal expression.
During that time I met my tutor and mentor who introduced me to the psychology of colour and gave me a deeper understanding of the individual colour types. This phase of learning left a lasting impression on me.                                                 
Since 2010 I have worked as a colour and style consultant for people of various backgrounds.
I continually participate in further training in personal development, psychology and communications in order to gain deeper insight into the people I work with.

Interior Design
During my work as a consultant it has become increasingly apparent that classic colour and style consultancy require inclusion of the client’s living environment. I therefore started to get involved with interior design and I interweave living space with personality and lifestyle of the individual client.
I have been working as an interior designer since 2019.

I wish to inspire and accompany you during the process of unlocking your personal style, your colours and your inner and outer living spaces.

I look forward to meeting you!