Personal style – mirror of your personality!

Do the clothes you wear enhance your individuality?
Does the message your clothes send match your personality?

Clothes are an intimate subject. Your wear your clothes directly on your skin. Therefore they have an immediate impact on your wellbeing and your charisma.
Every morning you slip on your second skin. When you have made a good choice you will feel comfortable in what you wear. Your clothes add a special charm and will carry you through the day.
In order not to leave this to chance, I can show you which cuts, fabrics, patterns and accessories will give most enhancement to your personality and body shape.
I am there for you, to create together with you, your own tailor-made style. A style which will enhance all your assets and your character. You look best when your outer appearance matches your inner self.
With my holistic and active approach I will show you the road to your personal style, independent of fashion trends, which will help express all the facets of your personality.

Lets get experimenting and discover new ground!

I recommend that you have a colour consultation with me before the style consultation.