Training in colour and style consultancy!

I love talking about my work as a colour and style consultant and I greatly enjoy passing on my knowledge.
I think it is very important to work in small groups (three participants) in order to be able to work towards a high level of individuality.
I spend a great deal of time putting into practice what we have learned in theory. During the training course you will have the opportunity to practise your acquired skills within the training group or with real models. All training courses take place at weekends in two-weekly intervals; this guarantees a continuous learning process whilst also giving room for personal development. 

Please give me a call or send a mail if you are interested in the training courses. I will inform you about the individual modules, the schedule and the fees accordingly.

If you would like to attend an individual training course, the modules will vary and so will the fees. Please contact me, so that I can design a tailor-made course for you.


Training in Colour Consultancy

Date 1
Fr, 10th February - Sa, 11th February 2023
Fr, 24th February - Sa, 25th February 2023
Fr, 3rd March - Sa, 4th March 2023

Date 2
Wed, 19th April - Fr, 21th April 2023
Wed, 3rd May - Fr, 5th May 2023

Date 3
Fr, 14th July - Sa, 15th July 2023
Fr, 21st July - Sa, 2nd July 2023
Fr, 28th July - Sa, 29th July 2023

Date 4
Fr, 10th November - Sa, 11th November 2023
Fr, 24th November - Sa, 25th November 2023
Fr, 8th December - Sa, 9th December 2023

Training in Style Consultancy for women

Date 1
Fr, 10th March - Sa, 11th March 2023
Fr, 24th March - Sa, 25th March 2023
Sa, 1st April 2023

Date 2
Wed, 10th May - Fr, 12th May 2023
Wed, 24th May - Thu, 25th May 2023

Date 3
To be announced

Training in Style Consultancy for men

Date 1
To be announced

Please enquire for individual course dates.